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How to deal with meditation with beginners?

The meditations for beginners have to be clear in purpose and in the method. I consider there are several things to take into account doing this such as the motivation, age, beliefs or religion.  The followings are the aspect I consider fundamental, to begin with, a beginner.


  • Deep understanding of which is the meaning of meditation and what happened when practicing. However don’t get a cough in the how just star practicing.
  • Have clear what kind of method of meditation to follow, as nowadays there are several technics. Begging with a group meditation or guided meditation could work for some people.
  • Begin with a pranayama exercise to quiet the mind and focus on ourselves, be present as possible. This can be done also only by observing the breath or by counting them.
  • Star with a routine. Give a specific space in your day to do the meditation. It could be in the morning or before going to sleep.
  • Star with 5 minutes meditation and then increase the time gradually. Remember the most important thing is consistency


Author: Yogi Chetan Mahesh

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