Yoga Teacher Training


200hrs teacher training course in yoga can offer you new insights altogether areas of Hinduism follow and conjointly gift you a chance to become a registered yoga teacher – RYT 200 Yoga follows a practice which will enrich your personal life and conjointly show you the way to assist others to complement their lives too in order that a compassionate and humanitarian community will build up.

In 200 hours teachers training our school provide you a good and very enjoy full classes all the classes have practices as well as fun in our yoga school. Our give a very good training to the students and also give a chance to perform yoga in the class as a teacher. That the student will practices yoga with by heart and take interest in yoga. In school there will be Eco friendly environment that all students will enjoy their course there will be so many activities for the student that they will fully enjoy their 200 hours course of teachers training in this course the student will make their new friends and enjoy the course…this course is basically for beginners those who have basic knowledge of yoga in our school all the students are this course our school will provide you clean and green environment ,good and tasty food ,neat and safe accommodation and the good teachers environment… our all the staff are good and Eco friendly. They all will treat with the students as friend. Our school is the best for you. You may join and enjoy the environment of our school and enjoy your course to.




300-Hour yoga Teacher Training is a month-long residential program held at rishikesh. This program is taught through our senior Yoga teachers are considered by many to be the most comprehensive yoga teachers training available. It attracts students from around the world and produces empowered, knowledgeable, committed, informed and confident yoga teachers able to incorporate asana, chanting, music, meditation, activism and scriptural study into a challenging practice leading to enlightenment.

The 300 hours teachers training is for those student those who complete 200 hrs. Teachers Training or those who want to do 200 hrs. Teachers Training as well as 300 hrs. Teachers training… that they become a teacher. And that the student gets the diploma or certificate of 200hrs RYT and 300 hrs. RYT form the school side. This certificate and diploma is only given by that school that is register in RYT.

300 hours teachers training are designed to build upon and deepen the trainee’s understanding of the fundamental concepts of teaching yoga that are normally taught at the 200 hours level training. 300 hours teachers training make its under training to teach theory and techniques of yoga that are more promoted, more extensive, and /or more subtle, and the training empower them to teach with higher and greater ability than could reasonably be required of a RYT200.