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10 Reasons People have to Start Doing Yoga immediately

the main reasons because the people should practice yoga are:

Main Reasons to Start Yoga Practice Immediately

1) Stress reliever: The main reason the stress is decreased in a yoga class is because the breathing control that you should manage. Also, the stretch helps to release the muscles were the stress is been accumulated. That helps the whole body including the brain to feel calmer.

2) Strength the body: There are several muscles, joints, and ligaments of the body that will increase their potency. Yoga has inverted poses, standing and sitting poses that work in specifics parts of the body to strengthen through the body weight.

 3) Increase the immune system: That usually happened when the stress is relieved from the body. The sympathetic system is the one that active the stress by the “flight and fight” response. This is the one that is turned off when practicing yoga. And then the parasympathetic system the one that is responsible for the relaxation is turned on. When the sympathetic system is on then the body by hormonal excretion will suppress off the immune system.

4) Help the muscular system: Because the breath is controlled and the muscles are warm up, there is more flow of oxygen into the blood stream and the muscles are getting contracted and stretching. Which helps to maintain firm and tone.

5) Helps to gain flexibility: The joints and the ligaments to stretch and the muscles to be the stretch too.

6) Help to strengths the skeletal system: The bones are getting more nutrients, as the blood stream has been invigorating by the movement and contraction of the muscles. Also, will helps to maintain the cartilages healthy by the stretching of the muscles.

7) Energize the body: When the heart rate increases the blood reach the whole body with more oxygen and bring more energy.

8) Detoxify: When you are sweating the body is excreting the salt and acids that were no longer need for the body.

9) Increase digestive system: There are special poses that help to give a massage to the internal organs to active them.

10) Helps to sleep problems: when you reduce the amount of stress in your body the body will feel more relax and stable.


Author: Yogi Chetan Mahesh

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5 Essential Oil Recipes to Suit Your Mood

Sure, they smell good, but essential oils can do so much more than delight your senses. Try these essential oil recipes to enhance the atmosphere of your space.

For relaxation: Peru Balsam

  • Aroma: creamy, sweet, and rich, like balsamic and vanillacaramel-rodda
  • Inhale to evoke a relaxed, sensual mood
  • Blend two drops Peru Balsam, three drops cinnamon leaf, and five drops sweet orange in a candle lamp diffuser for a comforting home

For strength: Blue Cypress

  • Aroma: floral and woody, like cedar wood
  • Inhale to evoke a feeling of strength and determination
  • Combine three drops blue cypress, three drops frankincense, and 3 drops lemon in a candle lamp diffuser to support meditation

For grounding: Carrot Seed

  • Aroma: pungent, earthy, nutty, sweet vegetal
  • Inhale aroma to evoke a grounded, determined attitudeoils
  • Combine two drops carrot seed, two drops vetiver, two drops Texas cedarwood, four drops bergamot orange in a candle lamp diffuser to bring forest and fields into your home

For creativity: Juniper Berry

  • Aroma: sweet essence of the pine forest
  • Inhale to inspire focus and creativity
  • Combine eight drops juniper berry, eight drops sweet orange, eight drops balsam fir and four ounces water in a spray mister bottle for a clean air freshener

For contentment: Mandarin Orange

  • Aroma: exotic, floral, and fruity, like tangerine and neroli
  • Inhale to evoke a feeling of contentment.
  • Combine eight drops mandarin orange, eight drops coriander seed, six drops sandalwood, two drops neroli and four ounces water in a spray mister bottle to convert your space into a misty orange grove


Author: Yogi Chetan Mahesh

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A meditation to check your ego

Ah, the alarming ego. It gets a bad rap, but your ego may actually be the key to happiness. If you know how to work with it. Try this simple on the question “Who am I?

5-Step “Who Am I?” Meditation

  1. Settle into your body.

Come into a convenient, seated posture, with your eyes closed, and your hands folded in your lap. Augment your back, and let your chin move back so you feel as if your head is being suspended by a cord from the ceiling. Scan your body, observing and softening any tightness in the shoulders, face, thighs, belly, arms, and hands. Take five deep inhalations and exhalations.

  1. Focus on your breath.

Become attentive of the rise and fall of the breath. Let your breathing be instinctive and relaxed as it brings you into the current moment. Feel the coolness of the breath as it flows in the nose and the warmth as it flows out. Attention where you feel the breath in your body. Do you sense it in the chest and shoulders? In the diaphragm or belly?


  1. Quiet the mind.

Appreciating the flow of the breath, puff with the thought “I am.” Feel the energy of the words mingling with your breath, flowing into your SIBinner body. Then, with the exhalation, feel the space that these words leave in your consciousness. Continue to repeat the authentic mantra “I am” without attaching any other thoughts to it. Stay here for several minutes if you can, granting yourself to become more and more relaxed.

  1. Practice inquiry.


As your mind quiets, begin to drop in the question, “Who am I, without words? Without thoughts? Without memories or emotions?” Pay attention to the awareness that opens up. If words or emotions arise, grant them to be there. Identify them—“thoughts,” “sadness,” or “confusion”—and return to the question. You’re not looking for an answer. Look past the answers that arise to experience the bare awareness that is your sense of being, of pure existence.

  1. Rest in awareness.

This sense of pure existence is there, and as you practice this meditation, it will finally reveal itself. Continue your inquiry, and see if you can lightly rest for a second or two in the wordless awareness that immediately follows the question. The opening into awareness may only last for a few seconds. If you get hung up on your thoughts, start over: Return to the breath, and the mantra “I am.” Then, ask the question again, and notice what arises. Stay with the practice for as few as 5 minutes or as many as 20 minutes. Then open your eyes, and return to your day.


Author: Yogi Chetan Mahesh


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Does philosophy mean anything in your life?

Philosophy most definitely means something to my life. For the past five or so years, I have been trudging along a conscious way of living. I have paid attention to my health as a whole and have tried my best to live according to my own understanding of morality.


In this time, I have learned so much about myself and my lifestyle, about happiness and about integrity. By definition of Patanjali “yoga chitta vrpnyitti nirodhah”, which means “yoga is stopping the patterns of the mind”. For me, this is the supreme definition. Silence of the mind renders us free to directly experience the present moment, which can be a lot harder than it sounds if you are living in modern society. The conditions of pnymy humanity continue to lead me away from this present moment and thus, happiness. For example, one of my own mental patterns is to compare myself to others. My ego swings back and forth from superiority to inferiority, not always, but it does happen. I think this is a nearly universal pnyhuman habit and one that greatly alters our perception of reality, of what is real. It is a fear-based pattern that can make me act and react to life in ways that are out of sync with who I truly am. It creates suffering, more than what is normal for a person, and it leads me away from the divine path. Philosophically, yoga is a lasting solution to this hell, provided I work hard.



Charlene Driver
Charlene Driver


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Rishikesh ~ World’s Capital of Yoga


The city of Rishikesh, located amidst mountains, surrounded by greenery on 3 sides and river Ganges on the fourth side in the state of Uttarakhand is well known across the world as the epic center of yoga. People from the yoga community also call Rishikesh as world capital of yoga. There are a number of ashrams and schools that teach yoga and meditation to one and all, irrespective of their caste, religion or country. The field of yoga is so vast that it’s almost next to impossible to learn all its kinds, but the most popular ones among students as well as tourists are Hatha/Hatho, Vinyasa, Iyanger, Ashtanga and Kundalini yoga. Continue reading “Rishikesh ~ World’s Capital of Yoga”