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10 Reasons People have to Start Doing Yoga immediately

the main reasons because the people should practice yoga are:

Main Reasons to Start Yoga Practice Immediately

1) Stress reliever: The main reason the stress is decreased in a yoga class is because the breathing control that you should manage. Also, the stretch helps to release the muscles were the stress is been accumulated. That helps the whole body including the brain to feel calmer.

2) Strength the body: There are several muscles, joints, and ligaments of the body that will increase their potency. Yoga has inverted poses, standing and sitting poses that work in specifics parts of the body to strengthen through the body weight.

 3) Increase the immune system: That usually happened when the stress is relieved from the body. The sympathetic system is the one that active the stress by the “flight and fight” response. This is the one that is turned off when practicing yoga. And then the parasympathetic system the one that is responsible for the relaxation is turned on. When the sympathetic system is on then the body by hormonal excretion will suppress off the immune system.

4) Help the muscular system: Because the breath is controlled and the muscles are warm up, there is more flow of oxygen into the blood stream and the muscles are getting contracted and stretching. Which helps to maintain firm and tone.

5) Helps to gain flexibility: The joints and the ligaments to stretch and the muscles to be the stretch too.

6) Help to strengths the skeletal system: The bones are getting more nutrients, as the blood stream has been invigorating by the movement and contraction of the muscles. Also, will helps to maintain the cartilages healthy by the stretching of the muscles.

7) Energize the body: When the heart rate increases the blood reach the whole body with more oxygen and bring more energy.

8) Detoxify: When you are sweating the body is excreting the salt and acids that were no longer need for the body.

9) Increase digestive system: There are special poses that help to give a massage to the internal organs to active them.

10) Helps to sleep problems: when you reduce the amount of stress in your body the body will feel more relax and stable.


Author: Yogi Chetan Mahesh

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