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Sanskrit Words Every Yogi Should Know

Sanskrit words every yogi should know

Prana: Is the cosmic energy that surrounds us, and that is inside us. Is the either that flows with the air and carries the purest energy to feed our mind, body, and soul. This prana is frequently related to our breathing and the quality of this while practicing meditation, yoga or pranayama.

Karma: Is part of the branches of yoga related with the behavioral with our environment. The right action is going to develop good Karma namastein this life and in the followings ones. That means that our good actions are going to give us the following experiences that we deserve. Karma is the pathway of self-transcending action. It provides us also a morality development that is essential in the code of conduct in society and with ourselves to live with more happiness. Besides the actions of a good karma will lead to our dharma.

Bhakt: Is part of the branches of yoga that is related to devotion, rituals or prayers that we do in our daily life. Bhakti yoga is the way of been capable of seeing the divine in all that surround us, seen the similarity between the macrocosms and the microcosms inside of us. The yogi will develop that capacity to recognize the divine and to channel their positive emotions.


Raja: Is part of the branches of yoga, which is closely related to the concept of the eight limbs of Patanjali of the Yoga Sutras. The meaning of the raja literally means royal. The Raja yoga is divided into three categories, Hatha yoga, Kundalini yoga and Raja Yoga (meditation).

Jnana: Is a branch of yoga that is related to the mind

Kundalini: is part of the branch raja yoga. This kundalini yoga is related sometimes with Tantra yoga, as the main idea is to achieve the activation of the life force that is related with our 7 chakras.


Yoga: literally means, to join to meet. Is an ancient tool to quiet the mind that uses breathing and postures technics? For yoga is very important to find the connection between the body and the mind to star awaken the awareness in both

Mantras: Is literally a word that by repetition give us liberation. That means that the repetition loudly, mentally or whispered will create in our body a new vibration in thoughts and actions.

Bandhas: Is related to the internal points in the muscles that must be activated when doing the postures.

Asanas: It refers to the posture that is performed in yoga classes

Pranayama: Is a group of breathing exercise that is performed in different styles, to activate and increase the oxygen in all the body.


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