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Get Outside, Boost Your Mood

New probe is finding a link between open air and happiness. Here’s how to enjoy the nature near you:


Spending a day in nature is an assured bet for a quick, short-term lift in mood, 
and now new research suggests an abiding link between the open air and happiness. In one consideration, people who moved to an area with abundant urban green space for 3 years experienced a boost in mental strength throughout their tenure, while those who relocated where nature was inadequate saw a mood decline. “We were surprised to see that the benefits in disposition appeared within the 1st year,” says study co-author Mat White, MD, of the University of Exeter, whose findings were published in Environmental Science & Technology.

“Our current work advises that spending time around water environments—especially the coast—may be even more beneficial.” Of course, you don’t need to transpose to a forest cabin or beachside bungalow, says White. Take advantage of the nature near you. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Make a date with your pooch for regular romps in the dog park.
  2. Join a community garden.
  3. Take your lunch break outdoors in the sun.
  4. Join an Association for Yoga and Meditation class.

Author: Yogi Chetan Mahesh



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