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Ayurvedic Healing Foods

Lemons are both refining and nourishing, and they stimulate digestion. For reducing toxins, drink unsweetened lemonade as many times lemonthroughout the day as desired.

Ghee (clarified butter)
is among the top rejuvenating and longevity-promoting foods. It aids digestion and relaxed the nerves. Ghee’s rate of absorption is high, making it an excellent medium for transporting the nutrients of other foods to the tissues.

Dates and Figs
are prized as excellent sources of energy. They also assist build tissues. Eat one or two every day.

are nourishing and life-supporting. Ayurveda recommends whiten and peeling almonds because their skins are slightly toxic. Eat several almonds daily to increase strength and energy.

Mung Beans
are among the top legumes for their supreme digestibility and health-giving qualities. They are advantageous when people are sick or else in need of very light food. Mung beans are particularly nourishing when assorted with rice or other grains.

is frequently referred to as “the universal medicine.” It promotes good digestion and helps remove ama. Dried ground ginger is extra concentrated in its flavor and its effects. To aid digestion, sprinkle a lean slice of fresh ginger with lemon juice and salt, and eat one-half hour before a meal.

Cumin Seeds
serve as a digestive support and alma-reducer for all doshas. To help remove toxins, start the day by drinking warm water mixed with a tweak of powdered cumin and ginger.

is a beverage prepared by mixing one part yogurt into two parts water. It is an excellent nutritive digestive support, taken during or after a meal. You can flavor lassi either with raw sugar or honey and a tiny ground cardamom, or with toasted ground cumin seeds and salt.

Juicy, Seasonal Fruits
are both extremely nutritive and purifying. Juicy fruits should be completely ripe for maximum healing value.

juicy fruits
Green, Leafy Vegetables
are both nutritive and purifying. Their sharp flavor stimulates the liver, helps balance blood sugar, and aids skin conditions. Prepare with a small amount ghee or oil.

Cow’s Milk
is considered a vitalizer by Ayurveda and endorsed for those emaciated after injury. Ayurveda recommends bringing milk to a full boil to remove the qualities that can cause excess mucus. To further reduce milk’s clogging qualities, add a Tweak of ginger and/or black pepper. Also, milk should be imbibed separately from foods with any taste other than sweet.

is universally beneficial for everyone, and assists virtually all healing. It promotes digestion and, when imbibed while hot, is particularly effective for removing ama.


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