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Can’t sleep? Try meditation. Why? Find out here.

Lots of people have trouble sleeping for various reasons. All of these reasons being connected to either physical or mental discomfort. When it comes to mental discomfort meditation can be used as a very powerful and effective tool or medicine. For many people in our modern society stress can be a daily disturbance. Stress stimulated from work or personal life both effects our mental wellness. Over stress in a person’s life no matter the cause can affect how much a person is able to sleep.

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Meditation is a very effectively way to eliminate stress. Taking even just fifteen minutes a day to sit bring with you will help the stressed individual bring peace and calm to their life. At first meditation may be difficult for many people. Especially for the stressed individual, we have many thoughts constantly running through heads we don’t have much control of these thoughts and sometimes don’t even realize that they are there occupying our consciousness. A busy mind can be hard to quiet but with a regular meditation practice it can be done.

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As a person’s meditation practice becomes deeper and more regular they will experience better sleep. Not only will the person be able to fall asleep more quickly the sleep will be deeper and more quickly the sleep will be deeper and more quickly the sleep will be deeper and more quickly the sleep will be deeper and more restful as well as the mind becomes more quiet and thoughts easier to control a stresses person can choose to calm themselves down as they lay in bed at night with hundreds of thoughts running through their brain keeping tem wake they can become aware of this first step. Next the person can use their experience from their meditation practice to slowly begin to quiet these thoughts. Focus begins to come to the breath instead thoughts become less and less. As the occasional through does enter their head they have the ability to let it pass gently letting it go and again coming to a clear mind as they fall asleep this feeling of peacefulness and calm stays with them throughout the night into their deep sleep. Sweet dreams.


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