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Future Of Yoga

Yoga seems to be an ever expansive way of life, a holistic practice. Yoga is a very old practice and well established. I don’t believe that yoga itself will change but the ways in which modern society bring yoga into their lives will. In the last year yoga has become more and more popular across the globe. Coming from a western society I have seen this popularity increase immensely.

Yoga for Future
Yoga Class at AYM Yoga School

Many people in the United States, New Zealand, and Australia have been drawn to yoga. These parts of the world I have called my home and can see this growth first hand. For the rest countries yoga started off mainly as a form of physical exercise. It was something different to other workout options that left people feeling really good even if they may not totally understand why. Yoga asana class is opening the door of yoga life to many people in the western world. With this increase in popularity of yoga asana practices people have already begun to become curious as to where this practice comes from and what more may there be to learn. Of course not every will have this reaction at first but many have and will in the future.

As people begin to open them more and more to yoga philosophy they will learn that one does not have to be religious to be spiritual. Religions at their core all hold the same message. That we are one and love is all. They then stray left and right and in all sorts of spirals but at their core they are the same as is yoga. Yoga is an accessible way for everyone no matter religious of self. Awareness of the divine which is self.

There has been much talk during this period of history about the world coming to an end or judgment day destruction and rebirth. In my opinion and experience, this event we speak of will not be an end a beginning .a shift in consciousness that yoga will contribute immensely to.


Author: Yogi Chetan Mahesh



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