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5 Ways to do Yoga While working

Yoga can be practiced in every aspect of life including the workplace. Yoga means union. Union of the body, mind and spirit Union of individual consciousness with universal consciousness. Yoga is excellence in everything, all actions taking this philosophy and applying it to your work environment is something that can be achieved by everyone.

Yoga Teacher training in Rishikesh
Yoga Class at AYM Yoga School

Be your best self. By always doing your best you will live a good life and enjoy work. Doing your best does not include any comparison to other individuals. When you do your best you are being your most excellent self at that point in time. If you are your most excellent self you remove the option for disappointment or negative feelings because you know you did your best.

Choose happiness. Happiness is not something that comes from outside you. The external world can happiness comes from within. When you make the decision to be happy at the work place you spread happiness to others. It’s contagious. Spread happiness and joy to other and you too will be happy.

international Yoga day
Students performing at International Yoga Day

Be consistent. Consistency means becoming more aware of your mental oscillation and working towards lessening them more and more. Yoga helps us with this and as we increase our awareness of emotions we can lessen our reactions and become more at peace. For many this is directly related to the workplace as much frustration and negative emotion can be originated here. Become of this and make the decision to change.

Yoga is a practice of calming the mind. Keep a calm mind at work. One great way of quickly calming the mind is to practice the pranayama, bees breathe. This breathing technique can be practice as long or as short as you would like. Even just one minute of this breathing will bring serenity to your mind and senses.


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