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Padma Shirshasan reduces the Tension and asthma

Padma Shirshasan (head stand)

Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh (85)

– Kneel on the mat on the heels of the feet.

– Bring forearms on the floor, hold your elbows

– Keep this position as it is a method to be shoulder widths apart,

– Interlock the fingers of your hands and form a cap with the thumbs on top of each other and the pinkie fingers facing inwards.

– Gently place the back of the head on edge of the cap of interlocked fingers, not inside.

The crown of your head will be on the floow

– To gain stability and avoid too much pressure on your head, press your arms firmly against the mat

– Now stretch your legs and walk slowly towards your head on your toes as close as you can. Lift your right leg first from the floor followed by the left leg in a vertical position. Feet together.

– Keep the back straight, activate your legs and your abdomen

– Relax and breathe deeply from the abdomen.

– Hold on in the same position for fifteen seconds at the beginning. The time duration can be increased gradually with practice.

– While returning to the initial normal position, firstly bend your knees and place one leg on the floor, first and then bring the other down.


– It improves memory and intelligence. Beneficial for a number of glands (e.g. endocrine glands, the pituitary, thyroid)

– This Asana reduces and anticipates the health conditions such as fatigue, tension, insomnia, amnesia, fear, headache, constipation, asthma, nervousness, spleen or liver disorders and congestion of throat.




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