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The great yoga sage maharishi patanjali’s comprehensive biography

chidambaramNamaste to all

Comprehensive biography of the great sage maharishi patanjali’s has been
divided into four points.

1- An objective of patanjali’s birth on the physical ‘ the earth’.
2- Nataraja’s ananda-tandava ‘The dance of the cosmos’.
3- Patanjali’s teaching on the sutras at nataraja’s temple ‘Chidambaram’.
4- After completion of sutras and after chidambaram.

1- An objective of patanjali’s birth on the physical plane.

An objective of the maharishi patanjali’s birth on the physical plane is to
impart or conveying the ultimate divine wisdom of yoga that deals direct with the minds, however people had means to cure physical illness through ayur-veda which the lord vishnu gave them in an incarnation of the lord ‘Dhanvanthari’ but People still fell ill. Some times it’s not just physical illness but the mental and emotional illness too, that turns into anger, lust, greed, jealously etc.

A formula was needed to vanish theses impurities.

Formula was sutra, which means a rope or string that holds things together, A percept, an aphorism, a brief rule. Though the lord vishnu felt need of the patanjali’s early on the physical plane ‘ The earth’.

Lord vishnu addressed this need long time ago. He saw anger enhancement in humans.
The lord vishnu knew one day, humans would ask about solution. It was discussed long ago between the lord shiva and lord vishnu, like this this would occur and the maharishi patanjali would witness the ‘ananda- tandava’ and convey the ultimate divine wisdom of yoga.

Now we will begin with story. The greatest and the most effective way of conveying the ancient wisdom. Once upon a time, lord vishnu was remembering his an experience of
the shiva’s ananda-tandava. He absorbed so that eons passed ‘however such things are measured in an eternity’, Adi-shesha patanjali felt compelled to ask ‘vishnu’. What was the matter ?

Lord vishnu replied with lovingly smile , Oh sesha i have been remembering my an experience of nataraja’s ananda-tandava. This recollection has so filled me with joy even in my relexation, I’ve expanded beyond my usual limitlessness thus unintentionally burden you, forgive me, my friend.

Having heard this, shesha also wanted to know about nataraja’s ananda-tandava and who won’t desire to experience ananda-tandava after listing from god lips. He shesha immediately asked lord vishnu, How he, could see and experience shiva’s ananda-tandava, Lord with compassionate smile, released shesha from his service so that he could experience shiva’s anand-tandava.

Now shesha journeyed to a holy spot at the foot of mount ‘Kailash’, home of lord shiva and began his austerities in shiva’s presence. In this way, ages ‘ or moments however such things are measured in eternity) passed.
Naturally, lord shiva noticed his devoty, he asked shesha what are you doing here, performing penance to me, what boon can i offer you, whatever you ask is yours.
Shesha described his experience with his guru vishnu and his desire to witness shiva’s
‘ananda- tandava’ lord shiva granted his boon an explained that you would be born in human form and given the name patanjali. He shiva explained that this is necessary because appearing as a cosmic serpent with a thousand heads would frighten people.

He ‘shiva’ told this ananda-tandava would occur in tillai woods in chidambaram southern india, he would witness ‘ananda-tandava’ with bother sage ‘vyaghrapada’, and together they would witness it.

After receiving boon from shiva, shasha immediately began to seek a birth mother.
At this time a virtuous woman named ‘Gonika’, Who was totally devoted to yoga, was praying and seeking for someone to be a worthy son to her, so that she could pass on the knowledge and understanding she has gained through yoga.

She prostrated herself before the sun, the earthy manifestation of the light and presence of god. She scooped up a handful of water, the only gift she could find, and beseeched him to bestow her with a son. She then meditate upon the sun and prepared to present her simple offering. Adi-shesha saw her and knew that he had found the mother he was looking for. Just as  gonika was about to offer her handful of water to the sun. She glanced down at her hands and she was astonished to see a tiny serpent moving in her hands, within in few moments the serpent assumed a human form, prostrated himself before gonika and pleaded with her to accept him as her son. It is believed that gonika virtuous woman and devoted yogini meditated at rishikesh for a worthy son ‘Patanjali’.

The brahmins of the north and the south agree that the patanjali was from the north and most identify his birthplace as the ganga plain and home in ‘Rishikesh’. When he grew up, he determined to fulfill his incarnate purpose and departed for tillai. Just how he did this is not absolutely determined, but the southern legends maintain that he burrowed a tunnel from rishikesh to tillai and arrived from under the ground, emerging near the ashram of ‘Vyagharpada’ was waiting for him and they embraced, celebrating their reunion as ancient bothers.

Natarajs’s ‘Ananda-tandava’.

The combined penances and observances of patanjali and vyagharpada were intense and devout. Shiva heard their call and the voices of other sages who had joined them.He agreed to dance for them in tillai.

Shiva’s dance was purest bliss with no lessons to teach, no opponent to vanquish, Shiva was divine exhilaration. All creation was held in breathless suspension as the 108 movements unfolded from within and without shiva’s being. No one had any sense of time in the eternality of shiva.

After dance, patanjali’s teaching on sutras.

Celebration continued for some while after shiva’s final dance movement. As life returned to what is normal in the tillai forest, Patanjali and vyaghrapada found themselves teaching and leading puja.

After the ananda-tandava, the future dikshitar priests begged patnjali for the clarification of the rituals. He undertook this task and produced the ‘Shri-chidambaram nitya-puja-sutram patanjalam’. As the name implies, this is also a sutra
text. Patanjali organised vedic worship and mantras into a single volume that gave completness and continuity to the dikshitars’ ceremonial duties. It has been in use in the natarajs’s temple continuously ever since, this is very day.

Beside this the maharishi promised to young men to teach yoga sutras in tillai region. He had three hundred students whom he was teaching yoga sutras but patanjali had a condition, during teaching a screen would be between him and students cause
He wanted to take class in his true ‘Svarupa’, the thousand heads ‘Serpent’ the thousand-headed from allowed him certain teaching advantages. He was able to convey or impart this wisdom direct in the mind of students. He was able to address and answer all the students doubts and questions simultaneously and immediately at the mental level.

He was so compassinate but demanding teacher, requiring students to attend all classes. His appearence was terrifying, more important, however, his breath in the confined space was poisonous and fiery. One student was curious how could pantanjali teach in  such a magical way. He decided to remove the screen. When he did so, 299 of patanjali’s students died. Reduced to ashes. Patanjali was devasted, however one student cut class that day. so at least one student of 300 hundred survived. Patanjali was so relieved to have one survivor that he did not reprimand him for missing class, rather he blessed him all the requisting knowledge for the entire class in an instant.

After completion of sutras and after chidambaram.

When patanjali completed his work he went rameshwaram temple, Rameshwaram temple has many temple within it. On the entrance of the temple a large statue is placed patanjali facing vyagrahpada both in anjali-mudra profounding their reverence to the lord shiva. On a wall near the entrance of the shiva mandapa is list of the self-initiated gurus who have served at the temple. Ptanjali is listed as the third of eighteen. Temple authorities estimate that he was in residence about 2000 years ago.

The rameshwaram temple has small, enclosed courtyard with a well where patanjali is said to have slept under a holy tree. Patanjali meditate here in silence for over twenty years. As time passed he become increasingly translucent until he become nearly transparent, then one day, He was seen no more.

On the back of the shiva mandapa is patanjali maha-samadhi. There are no bones in this samadhi as patanjali is reputed to have been absorbed into eternity as he dissolved from sight in this world. Instead, his samadhi houses a holy fire, symbol of his life and transmutation.

Jai ho ‘shesha’ ki.

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