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The story of a woodcutter

Honest woodcuter

Mangal he was very naive and an honest man. He was very poor. The whole day he used to cut woods then during an evening time, he used to go to the market to sell the woods, by selling wood whatever little bit he used to earn, his used to purchase wheat, salt, etc then went back to home. He was very satisfied with his an honest earning.

One day mangal went to the jungal to cut woods, he climbed on a tree which was on the bank of ganga, during cutting off a tree branch, blade of his an axe got loose from up and fell into the ganga. Mangal got off from the tree and dipped several times into the ganga but he didn’t find his an axe, he set on the bank of ganga and held his forehead with the both hands, tears came out of his eyes, he didn’t have money to purchase new axe as well he was so worry that how he would feed his family without an axe ?

The lord of the forest felt pity on him ‘mangal’, the lord took a form of a boy came out of the water and asked mangal, brother what happened why are you carrying ?

He saluted him and said, my axe fell in the ganga now how i will cut woods and feed my family. The lord said, don’t cry. I take out your an axe.

The lord dipped in the water and took out a new gold axe. He said here is your an axe.
Mangal lift his head, he saw the gold axe, replied, this is not my axe. This is somebody else axe. I am very poor man. Where this gold axe will come to me from ?

The lord again dipped into the ganga, this time he took out a silver axe, mangal said sorry ‘Maharaj’ to bother you perhaps it’s not in my fortune, it was an iron axe.

The lord again dipped into the ganga and took out an iron axe, to see his an iron axe he filled with joy therefore he thanked the lord and take his an iron axe.
The lord was very pleased with his truthfulness and an honest.
The lord said, i am very pleased with your truthfulness and i want to give other axe’s too.
‘The gold and the silver ones’.

Mangal became very rich due to his honesty and truthfulness, now he doesn’t go the forest to cut woods. One day mangal neighbour asked mangal bhai ‘Brother’. Why don’t
you go to cut woods now a days ? The true nature mangal spoke out all truth as it was.

Now his greedy neighbour also wanted silver and gold axe. He took his axe and went to the jungal to cut woods, he climbed on the same tree to cut woods, intentionally he dropped his axe into the ganga and start carrying on the bank of the ganga, the lord of the forest appeared to punish him, the lord asked him. What happened brother, why are you carrying ?

He said my axe fell into the river, the lord dipped in the ganga, took out a gold axe, as soon as he saw a gold axe he shouted this is my axe. the lord said, you stupid, liar, this is not your axe, the lord threw axe into the water and disappeared, due to greed he lost even his own an axe then went back to home with puffed face.

The moral of the story- We should not be greedy and we must remain happy in what god has given us.

Writter words- This is very useful story that isn’t only for kids but for all ages of people.
We all should know , How to speak truth always in all circumstances. We must remain happy in what god has given us. We should also understand that one truth is worthy
than million’s of buck.

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