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The mind

the mind

It is not too necessary to fix your mind on the god, as it’s to devote oneself to god. If one is well attracted to god then the mind would by itself be fixed in him.

As much concentration of mind is necessary in the path of yoga, it is not so in the path of devotion. In devotion, there must be firmness of our relationship with god.

Peace comes from renunciation, not from concentration on mind.
Making the mind steady is not valuable, but the awareness of independent and steady existence of the self is valuable.

The need to remove the attraction of the world from the mind is greater, than wiping out the fickleness of the mind.

So long there is tendency of removing the mind from the world and directing the same to the god, till then there would be no controlling
of mind.

Mind could be controlled only when there is no acceptance
of the existence of anything else, expect the god.

By unselfish feelings, the intellect becomes steady and by practicing the mind. Liberation comes by the steadiness of intellect,but not from the steadiness of mind. The steadiness of mind endows one with occult power.

The identity of mind is not with the god but with nature. therefore, mind can be merged in god, but cannot be fixed on him.

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