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Siddhasana (The perfect pose)

Siddhasana ( The perfect pose)
Siddhasana ( The perfect pose)

Siddhasana ( The perfect pose) and It’s importance.

Some eulogise this asana as even superior to padmasana for purpose of dhyana. If you get mastery over this asana, You will acquire many siddhis.
Futher it was being practiced by many siddhas of yore. Hence the name siddhasana. Even fatty persons with the big thighs can practice this asana
easily. In fact this is better to some persons than padmasana.

Young brahmacharins who attempt to get established in celibacy should practice this asana. This asana isn’t suitable for ladies.
Place one heel at anus. Keep the other heel on the root of the generative organ. The feet or legs should be so nicely arranged that the ankle-joints
should touch each other. Hands can be placed as in padmasana. 



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