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Yoga exercise for the eyes ' Palming'

Exercise – Palming.

Sit quietly and close the eyes.
Rub the palms of the hands together vigorously until they become warm.
Place the palms gently over the eyelids, without any undue pressure.
Feel the warmth and energy being transmitted from the hands into the eyes
and the eye muscles relaxing.

The eyes are being bathed in a soothing darkness. Remain in this position until the heat from the hands are absorbed by the eyes. Then lower the hands and
keep the eyes closed. Again rub the palms together until they become hot and
placed them over the closed eyes ( Make sure the palms not the fingers are over the eyes) Repeat the procedure at least three times.

Benefits– Palming relaxing and revitalize the eyes muscles. and stimulates the circulation of the aqueous humour, the liquid that runs between the cornea
and the lens of the eyes, aiding the correction of defective vision.

Practice note– The benefits are enhanced if the exercise is practised in front of the rising or setting sun. Be aware of the warmth and light on the closed lids. Never look directly at the sun. except for a few initial moments when it’s just rising or when it’s about to set.

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