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The Swastikasana or (Auspicious pose)

Swastikasana asana

Swastikasana (Auspiciouspose).
Placing both soles ( Of the feet) on the inner side of the thighs,
sitting equipoised with a straight body. This is called swastika asana.


Sit crosslegged and bring the feet up between the thighs and calf
muscles. Place the hands in jnana or chin mudra. Though this is a
steady sitting position. It affects the whole body. 
Prana shakti is
directed in a particular manner suitable for meditation. 
The nadis
at the back of the legs are stimulation can be found by pressing
along the acupunture meridians. When you find a particularly
tender or sensitive point, That is a centre.

These nadis carry energy to centre in the spinal coloum and the energy
is distributed from there. When you sit in any meditative pose you are stimulating the main nadis.

The sciatic nerve is gently massaged in this posture, Thereby influencing the lumbar region. The abdominal muscles are also influenced and the inner body temperature is affected. Swatmarama does not forget to state that the body should be straight. I.e- in alignment. This is of prime importance in any asana practice for meditation. It is essential that the spinal coloum is straight so that nervous impulses can pass freely to the brain. Futhermore, the main nadi, sushumna is situated within the spinal cord and the impulses must also be able to run straight up this nadi when the energy wants to rise.
If you bend or lean to one side, Either ida or pingala will be suppressed
and the other will become predominant.

The aim is to activate sushumna, therefore, the body must be in
and in a balanced position so there is no blockage to the
flow of prana. 
The symbol of the swastika represents fertility, creativity
and auspiciousness
thus this asana, being so named, induces the same capacity in the body.

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