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Advasana or ( Reverse corpse pose).

Advasana or Reverse corpse pose

Lie on the stomach.

Stretch both arms above the head with the palms facing downward.
The forehead should be resting on the floor.
Relax the whole body in the same way as we do in shavasana.

If there is difficulty breathing or a sense of suffocation is experienced, 
A pillow may be placed under the chest. After some time, again become aware of the body and surrounding, and gently and smoothly release the posture.

Breathing– Natural and rythmic the number of breaths may be counted as in shavasana while gently pushing the abdomen against on the floor.

Duration– For relaxation in the treatment of aliments, It should be performed for as long as is comfortable. Before or during an asana session.
A few minutes is sufficient.

Awareness– Physical- on relaxing the whole body and on the breath.

Spiritual– On ajna or manipura chakra.

Benefits– Recommended for those with slipped disc. stiff neck and stooping figure.

Practice note– Mantra may also be synchronized with the breath as in shavasana.

To know about savasana benefits and awareness, Practice note. Check on this given link –  Savasana or (Corpse pose).

Released by- An Association for Yoga and Meditation.



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