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Sukhasana or Easy pose.

Sukhasana or Easy pose.

Sit with the legs straight in front of the body.
Bend one leg and place the foot under the opposite thigh.
Bend the other leg and place the foot under the opposite thigh.

Place the hands on the knees in chin or jnana mudra. Keep the head, neck and back upright and straight, but without strain close the eyes. Relax the whole body. The arms should be relaxed and not held straight.

Benefits– Sukhasana is the easiest and most comfortable of the meditation postures. It can be utilized without ill effect by persons who are unable to sit in the more difficult meditation postures. It facilitates mental and physical balance without causing strain or pain.

Practice note– Sukhasana is a relaxing posture which may be used after extended periods of sitting in sidhasana or padmasana.
Although sukhasana is said to be the simplest meditation posture,It is difficult to sustain for long periods of time unless the
knees are close to the ground or on the the ground. Otherwise most of the body weight is supported by the buttocks and backache develops.
The other meditation asanas create large and therefore steadier area of support.

Variation- For those who are extremely stiff, sukhasana may be performed sitting cross-legged with a belt or cloth tied around the knees and the lower back. Hold the spine upright. concentrate on the physical balance and equalizing the weight on the right and left side of the body. A light, Spacey feeling May be experienced. While maintaining the posture, place the hands on the knees in chin or jnana mudra.

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