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Padmasana or (Lotus pose) .


1- Introduction. 2- Contra-indications. 3- Benefits.

Sit with the legs straight in the front of the body. Slowly and carefully bend one leg and place the foot on top of the Opposite thigh. The sole should face upward and the heel should be close to the public bone.

When this feels comfortable bend the another leg and place the foot on top of the opposite thigh. Both keens should, ideally, touch the ground in the final position. The head and spine should be held upright and the shoulders relaxed. Place the hands on the keens in chin or jnana mudra. relax the arms with the elbows slightly bent and check that the shoulders are not raised or hunched.

Close the eyes and relax the whole body. observe the total posture of the body. Make the necessary adjustments by moving forward and backward until balance and alignment are not experienced Perfect alignment indicates the correct posture of padmasana.

Contra-indications > Those who are suffered from sciatica or weak or injured knees shouldn’t perform this asana. This asana should not be performed until the flexibility of the knees has been developed through pre-meditative asanas. It is not advisible during pregnancy as the circulation of the legs is reduced.

Benefits > Padmasana allows the body to be held completely steady for long periods of time. It holds the trunk and head like a pillar with the legs as the firm foundation. As the body is steadied, The mind becomes calm. This steadiness and calmness is the first step toward real meditation. Padmasana directs the flow of prana from mooladhara chakra in the perineum to sahaarara chakra in the head, heightening the experience of meditation.

This posture applies pressure to the lower spine, which has a relaxing effect on the nervous system. The breath becomes slow, muscular tension is decreased and blood pressure is reduced. The normally large blood flow to the legs is redirected to the abdominal region. This activity also stimulates the digestive system.

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