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What is Enlightenment ?

Enlightenment is a true wisdom and state of perfect knowledge. The light that can drive out any darkness. The light that can turn hell into heaven. A blissful experience.

Enlightenment – Enlightenment means ‘beyond’.
IT is mean to break all physical boundaries. To go beyond physical abilities and experiences true natural wisdom like “The buddha” true awakening Wise sage Or enlightened one.

Enlightenment – Hinduism and buddhism the beatitude that transcends
Cycle of reincarnation charactersized by extinction of desire and suffering and Individual consciousness.

Enlightenment- Education that results in understanding and the spread
Knowledge. Enlightenment is a light that ever remain “on” inside human body and never off. Becoming enlighten is required several sacrifices cause this is a journey to light.The light is so far to reach it person has to renounce all the possesions and just absorbed in Dhyan or Bhakti after that remission from the cycle of life and death.

This journey is know as journey to light.
Light is not like bulb or tube light
It is enlightenment. 

Once, a man asked the buddha some questions about cosmology.
In reply. he picked up a handful of leaves and asked. Are there more leaves in my hands, or in the forest ? There are more in the forest, ofcourse, Replied the man. The buddha went on:well, the leaves in my hand represent the knowledge which leads to the end of suffering. in the way, the buddha showed that certain questions are superfluous…

Just as powerful rays of sun shattered clouds over it.

Just like that enlightenment vanish the shield of evil 
and enlightened person.



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