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The four great truths

Meditation 20
The first great truth- is that misery that is to say, pain and suffering  
is associated of conscious life.Birth is suffering; Age is suffering. illness is suffering; Death is suffering.Painful it is not to obtain what we desire. painful again it is to be joined with that which we don’t like.More painful still is the separation from that which we love.

The second great truth- is that the cause of misery (samudaya) is trishna, the grasping desire to live for selfish enjoyment sensations (vedana) begotten by the surrounding world, create the illusion of a separate self. This illusory self mainfests its activity in a which entangles man in pain and suffering
Pleasure is the deceitful siren which lures man to pain.

The third great truth- is that emancipation from misery (nirodha) is possible by abandoning selfish craving (upadanas) When all selfish craving are destoryed, There is necessarily an end of suffering.
All selfish craving 
Arises from want and as long as it is not satisfied,
it leads to pain even when it is satisfied, this satisfaction
is not lasting,
for this very satisfaction gives rise to new needs and therefore to new sorrows.
The entire essence of man seems to be an unquenchable thirst for a thousand wants.

-How else could he get rid of sorrow but by abandoning this thirst ?

The fourth great truth- is that the nobel eight fold path (arya ashtanga marga) is the means by which man can get rid Of selfish craving and attain perfect freedom form suffering.
He who has fathomed the dharma will necessarily walk in the right path and to him salvation is assured.



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