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Hatha Yog Teacher Training in India – AYM

Hatha Yoga is being largely practiced in india is a anciant yog. Yoga according to maharshi Patanjali is a system to calm the modifications of the mind. Hatha yoga is that traditional yoga which develops stability in the body so that mind able to focus to meditate. Hatha yoga teacher training in India includes this anciant system of yoga which focus poses, breathing techniques pranayama, meditation, chakras and kundalini.

Hatha yog brings Body purification and awakening of vital energy, which flows in our body through energy channels called Nadis. The word hatha made up of, Ha – Pingala or surya nadi or right side flow of energy in the body and tha – Ida nadi or Chandra Nadi or left side flow of energy. Hatha yoga make the balance in the flow of energy on both side of the body and this help in meditation.

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A national yoga organization of india offers yoga courses and retreat in Rishikesh

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