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Registered Yoga School in Rishikesh | Certificate Yoga Teacher Tarining in rishikesh

Inquiry application form for different yoga teacher training certification or intinsive yoga retreats conduct by Association for Yoga and Meditation Rishikesh India


Prior to starting the TTC I thought yoga was a form of physical exercise with elements of relaxation.
SInce starting teacher training in India at AYM Yoga School, I have realised that yoga isn’t just a "sport" or "practice" that is preformed at set times. It is a way of life which looks at the whole person and therefore should be incorporated as such in everyday life. My view of yoga has expanded a lot in the last 2 weeks. Pranayamas, meditation and sharkarmas knowledge was limited prior to starting and not taught in the West. Teaching on philosophy has allowed me to understand what yoga is, it’s origins and the misinterpretations modern society now takes. Although yoga is popular in England, the practise of yoga has little basis to traditional yoga teachings. It has been enlighting to study the history of yoga from preclassical, classical, post classical and modern period. I feel that this knowledge will allow me to improve my own practise as well as teach yoga with a more traditional basis.                                                                                                                                   ———-Nina   

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A national yoga organization of india offers yoga courses and retreat in Rishikesh

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