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6 Yoga Inspired poses to Try

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Pigeon Pose

Pigeon Pose:- The pigeon pose which is also known as Eka Pada Kapotasana in Sanskrit is a form of yoga which is practised in Hatha Yoga. In this pose, the chest of the practitioner is puffed out, similar to a pigeon, and that is the reason behind its name. This yoga pose is practised by laying the back, head, neck and shoulders on a mat. The knees are bent and feet are placed on the ground with hip at some distance.

It is a typical yoga pose which is used to open up the hip region through the elongation of the hips, back and knees. This in turn helps in avoidance of injuries and enhances elasticity.



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Boat Pose

Boat Pose:- As a yoga instructor, dedicated yoga practitioner and a mother, I often get asked if there is one singular posture in yoga that will help firm the muscles in the core abdominal region. This question is often posed to me by mom’s looking to get rid of their post-baby belly. And for someone, who practised yoga throughout the nine months of my pregnancy and relied on nothing but yoga, breastfeeding and a healthy diet to get me back into my pre-baby shape, my answer is quite simply: Boat pose or navasana.



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Warrior II Pose

Warrior II Pose:- Warrior II pose or virbhadrasana II is a useful and excellent exercise for strengthening and stretching the legs, ankles, shoulders and arms. This pose, expands your chest, thus helping you to breathe more deeply. You can increase your strength and stamina by practicing this pose regularly. Do not rotate forward the hip of your back leg.The arms, shoulders, hips and legs should all lie in the same plane.





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Half Moon Pose


Half Moon/Starfish Pose:- Balancing poses mostly require a tremendous amount of focus, but this one, which is a creative cross between Sage and Half Moon, requires strength in your upper body and core as well. As challenging as it is, it’s also a really fun pose to try, because it makes you feel so open, adventurous, and bold.




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Tadasana:- Start standing with the feet hip-distance apart, spread across the balls of the feet. Firm the legs by lifting the kneecaps up. Lengthen the tailbone down towards the floor. Lift and lengthen through the spine. Bring the palms together (namaskar) in front of the heart centre, gently press the palms and broaden out across the collarbones. Stay here for a few breaths connecting to the breath.






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Warrior III Pose

Warrior III Pose:- Variation 1 -If you find your balance is not steady, place one hand on a wall. Variation 2-Experiment with different arm variations  like interlacing hand behind your back and lifting it overhead or have eagle arms by wrapping right arm over the left.




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