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Tanya Didovic from Slovenia

It is with great humility I would like to express my feelings of gratitude and love to AYM, it’s teachers, it’s students, the family of AYM( I was so lucky to study yoga in their new ashram and become a part of this beautiful, welcoming and creative place. The quality of this yoga school is in an incredible team of experienced, unique and supportive people, starting with yogi Chetan Mahesh, who is the driving force behind the school’s program and the daily life of the ashram. As a student my every wish was considered, I felt guided and being looked after consistently through out the course and through out my stay. What I learned here about yoga, and what I already knew about yoga enabled me to experience a wonderful transformation on a very deep spiritual level. I have never felt freer and happier in the surroundings of these dear people and their yoga home. Thank you forever more.


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