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Our New Yoga Studio

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Yoga School of Association for Yoga and meditation in rishikesh




A national yoga organization of india offers yoga courses and retreat in Rishikesh

2 thoughts on “Our New Yoga Studio

  1. I am on the third week of the course, at India Yoga Associaton and I can really recommend it to you. I came to india looking for a good YTTC and it was really difficult at first to find good information and make a decision. It was not until I got to Rishikesh that I found this place and I loved it. The facilities are great, but what’s more important is the people that run the course – a very professional team that is committed to delivering the best experience. The environment is friendly and very respectful, and our teacher has over 15 years experience teaching TTC in several countries. One thing that I like is that the course is well structured and balances very well the yoga tradition with the new yoga trends around the world. All your questions will be answered with well thought responses.
    Finally, the place is beautiful – I think it’s the best spot in Rishikesh – geographically and commercially speaking.
    So if you really want to learn and have a good time, I think you’ll love this course!

  2. hello there,
    i am finishing my teacher’training in richikesh with the the association for yoga and meditation yoga school .the teaching is intensive and very good.the school is on the bank of the river and i am very pleased to have chosen that school because the teacher is very pleasant and so full of knowledge that i feel lucky to be here.the staff are very friendly and the teacher very smily. i recommend this place to learn yoga teacher training

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